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We are searching for sites across the country and have identified areas of concentrated growth. We are able to quickly evaluate sites for purchase and lease with Franchise Owners seeking school locations that meet their geographic and market needs.

Why Opportunity

  • Having a childcare facility in a development not only attracts but also retains tenants, providing value to the local community.

  • Our esteemed reputation indicates to both current and prospective tenants that your development caters to customers with significant purchasing power.

  • On average, each school brings about 150 to 200 affluent parents to the property twice daily during weekdays, reflecting the typical occupancy and income demographics of our development regions.

  • Parking demands arise during non-peak hours, and schools typically need fewer slots compared to most retail establishments.


Why Early Education

  • The millennial generation, numbering 73 million (Pew Research Center), is entering prime family-forming years, driving the industry's growth.

  • Early education and childcare franchises contribute to the vast $57 billion childcare industry (IBISWorld).

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics data: Nearly 62% of families with kids have both parents working, highlighting the consistent need for child care.

  • Year-round child care requirements mean consistent daily foot traffic to these centers.

  • Child care businesses often successfully occupy challenging ground-floor commercial spaces.

  • The industry is less vulnerable to technological changes; even as online shopping grows

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