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Our Kindergarten program provides personalized support, tailored lesson plans, and engaging learning experiences to guarantee that your little one will be ready for the exciting leap to first grade.
The program aims to build a foundation in key areas such as literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and social-emotional learning. It is designed to meet the needs and interests of individual students while developing essential skills and attributes. 


Our Kindergarten program creates a rich, stimulating environment that fosters a love of learning and prepares children for the more structured learning environment of first grade.

In our center, your child's health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. We go above and beyond to uphold rigorous health and safety standards, creating a clean, secure, and nurturing space where your little ones can thrive and develop to their fullest potential.

Movement, Sensory, and Motor Development
The Kindergarten Movement curriculum aims to improve children's gross motor skills, foster physical fitness, and encourage healthy habits. This curriculum is about encouraging a love of physical activity, developing basic motor skills, and fostering good sportsmanship and social skills through fun, inclusive, and engaging activities and games.
Cognitive Development
Our cognitive development curriculum is designed to stimulate the cognitive skills that are essential for learning and problem-solving. These include attention, memory, critical thinking, and logical reasoning, among others. Cognitive skills are linked with the overall development of the child. They can be fostered through activities such as Listening Activities, Concentration Games, Thinking Routines, Sequencing Activities, Open-Ended Questions, Cause and Effect Exploration, and Inquiry Projects.
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Personal, Social and Emotional Skills
Our Kindergarten curriculum aims to foster personal and interpersonal skills and provide foundational knowledge of the social world around them. The main focus is on learning through interaction with others. Role-play, group projects, storytelling, and other interactive activities are part of the learning experiences at this age. Children learn about the world around them through stories, discussions, hands-on activities, field trips, and projects. These areas of learning are integrated with other curriculum areas, such as literacy and art.
Language, Literacy, and Communication
Our curriculum focuses on developing children's spoken language, listening skills, early reading and writing abilities, and comprehension skills. Reading and writing are incorporated into play and other areas of learning. Our Kindergarten program creates a literacy-rich environment with plenty of books, writing materials, and opportunities for children to develop a love for reading and writing, including an age-appropriate writer's workshop.
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Math and Science
Our Math and Science curriculum aims to lay the foundation for mathematical and scientific thinking and conceptual understanding. The goal is to make these concepts as hands-on, engaging, and relevant to children's lives as possible. For example, math concepts are taught through everyday activities like snack time, play, and routine transitions. Science concepts are explored through simple experiments, outdoor exploration, and conversations about the natural world. Children's natural curiosity is constantly encouraged, and they have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, explore, and discover.
Creative Arts
Our Creative Arts curriculum is designed to promote self-expression and creativity while also developing fine motor skills and fostering an appreciation for arts and culture. It provides a balance of guided activities and opportunities for free, creative expression. The Create Arts curriculum is integrated with other areas of the curriculum, with opportunities for children to use art, music, drama, and dance to explore themes, express their ideas, and demonstrate their learning. 
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