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Our Preschool program is a comprehensive, enriching experience designed to stimulate curiosity and foster critical thinking skills, providing a solid foundation for future academic and social success through hands-on activities, interactive learning, and creative play.

Our Preschool curriculum aims to create a nurturing, engaging, and stimulating environment for preschoolers to grow and develop. 


In our center, your child's health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. We go above and beyond to uphold rigorous health and safety standards, creating a clean, secure, and nurturing space where your little ones can thrive and develop to their fullest potential.

Movement, Sensory, and Motor Development
In Preschool, children refine their gross and fine motor skills, and their sensory experiences are vital to their exploration and understanding of the world. Activities focus on developing balance, coordination, strength, writing, buttoning, and tying shoelaces.
Cognitive Development
Cognitive development encompasses a child's working memory, attention, as well as thinking, and understanding. It involves skills such as learning, problem-solving, and making connections between ideas. Our cognitive development curriculum stimulates and challenges a three-year-old's thinking and understanding with age-appropriate fun and enjoyable learning experiences like Role-Play Scenarios, games, and puzzles.
Personal, Social and Emotional Skills
Developing children's personal, social, and emotional skills is critical for their overall well-being. These skills help them form healthy relationships, express their feelings appropriately, and gain self-confidence. This involves developing a sense of self and independence, learning to interact positively with others, recognizing and expressing feelings in a healthy way, and learning to appreciate and respect individual and cultural differences.
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Math and Science
Our Math and Science curriculum involves introducing basic concepts fun and engagingly with hands-on and interactive activities. The goal is to foster curiosity and excitement about learning and foster mathematical and scientific thinking. Children are encouraged to explore the world around them, make observations, and understand cause and effect through simple experiments. In Math, they learn to recognize numbers, understand basic concepts of counting, and identify shapes and sizes.
Language, Literacy, and Communication
These skills are essential for a child's ability to express and understand thoughts, feelings, and information. In our curriculum, activities are interactive and fun to keep children engaged.
Typical activities include Interactive Storytime, Show and Tell, Role Play, Word of the Day, and Pre-Literacy and Pre-Writing activities and games.
Creative Arts
Our Preschool Artistic Creativity curriculum focuses on exploration, creativity, and expression. Art and music activities offer children opportunities for self-expression, creativity, and sensory exploration. They can also help children develop fine motor skills, improve their listening skills, and learn to appreciate different forms of artistic expression. Typical activities include Drawing and Painting, Craft Projects, Collages, Art Appreciation, Singing, Rhythm and Beat, and Music Exploration.
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