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The Nouvelle School Enrichment Program welcomes your school-aged child with after-school homework support and hands-on activities.

Our exceptional catalog is designed to foster the growth and development of children up to 12 years old. 

School Age

Our comprehensive suite of activities promotes a nurturing, creative, and exciting environment where learning extends beyond the traditional classroom. Engage your child's mind and boost their academic performance with our Homework Booster or stimulate their creativity through our Creative Lab. Our Yoga and Mindfulness practice can guide them towards a more balanced lifestyle, while the Sports and Fitness program will build resilience and teamwork. The Storytelling Workshop combines the enchanting world of literature with practical reading and writing skills. With Music and Movement, children can express themselves freely and enjoy the rhythm of life. In our Digital Arts, Computer Science, Engineering, and Game Development courses, they will get a head-start in the increasingly tech-driven world, learning crucial skills that fuse creativity, logic, and problem-solving.

With our enriching activities, we are committed to molding young minds into well-rounded, confident individuals.

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