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Twos Curriculum

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Our Twos program allows children to engage in exploratory activities and creative learning experiences to foster their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Our curriculum focuses on nurturing their growing independence and enhancing their cognitive, motor, emotional, and social development. The Twos program is play-based and hands-on, providing lots of opportunities for experiential learning. 

In our center, your child's health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. We go above and beyond to uphold rigorous health and safety standards, creating a clean, secure, and nurturing space where your little ones can thrive and develop to their fullest potential.

Movement, Sensory, and Motor Development
At this age, children continue to refine their gross and fine motor skills with activities like dancing, hopping, running, or climbing on safe play structures.
Cognitive Development
Our Twos curriculum encourages problem-solving, memory, and the development of imagination. Educators use age-appropriate puzzles, matching games, and sorting activities to stimulate problem-solving skills. They also provide props and costumes for imaginative or pretend play, which aids creativity and cognitive development.
Personal, Social and Emotional Skills
Children are starting to assert their independence while also learning how to interact with peers. They're also beginning to recognize and express a range of emotions. Our curriculum includes activities and strategies like Hide-and-Seek, Toy Sharing, Imitation Games, Role Play, Expressing Emotions through Art, and Group Activities.
Language, Literacy, and Communication
Twos are rapidly developing their language abilities. They're learning new words, forming simple sentences, and beginning to understand and follow simple instructions. Nouvelle Educators use a variety of activities and strategies like Interactive Storytelling, Show and Tell, Singing Songs and Nursery Rhymes, and Role Play, to name just a few.
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Math and Science
Children between one and two years old start to understand mathematical and spatial concepts such as more, in, on, and under.  They also start recognizing familiar sequences and common shapes.
Creative Arts
Arts and crafts activities such as drawing, painting, or simple bead threading can help enhance fine motor skills. Children start experimenting with hand and finger painting. They are introduced to various safe and age-appropriate art materials and begin to recognize and respond to different colors.
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